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We will be using this blog to post real previews of our experiences with the various guns we offer for sale.  We only review guns we own or have owned and shoot ourselves.  We are not paid for our reviews and also do not receive promos, free merchandise or sample guns for our reviews. 

Keep in mind, our opinions are just that, opinions.  We are not telling you what gun you should buy or that your experience will be the same.  We welcome your feedback and contribution to our posts as well.  We do not know everything! We want to learn from our fellow gun owners and customers. 

Thank you for reading our posts and that you for considering us for all your gun needs.  We are very proud to work in an industry that is one of the last bastions of true American design and manufacturing.  There is no other industry where you have so many American made products to choose from.  We couldn't be happier our business directly and indirectly supports our fellow Americans provide for their families.

May God bless our beloved Country and the men and women who serve her faithfully!

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