Legal Questions Answered--Laws, Rights, and Duties

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Did you know the President of is also a licensed Illinois attorney and is licensed to practice in federal court?  

We are going to use this Blog to have an open discussion about what concerns you most--gun laws and how the affect you.  

We must get the disclaimer out of the way-- this Blog is intended for general discussion purposes only.  No attorney-client relationship is formed by participating in this Blog--We are not your lawyer.

There is no substitution for getting legal advice from your own licensed, local attorney.  We are not authorized to practice law outside of Illinois.  We do not know you or your unique factual circumstances.  Anything you read on this Blog is not intended to constitute legal advice.  

With that being said, we welcome any and all questions or discussions you wish to make.  We will post our own views from time to time on matters we think is important to all American gun owners.

We have an unwavering love for the United States of America, its citizens, Constitution and the rights that flow from it.  We hope like-minded people will join us in our discussion.

Please be polite to everyone, even if they do not share the same views as you.  Our job as 2nd Amendment advocates is to convince others with sound reasoning why protecting our rights is so important.  We quickly lose support and any chance to enlighten if we insult others and/or do not support our positions with respectful, reasoned arguments.

First Question:  Can you transport your firearm in the center console of your vehicle?

Thoughts, concerns, and comments please.

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